Friday, February 27, 2009

I hate to say it

No, not really: I told you so. As the ink was drying on Obama's historic signature on the historic $800 billion Spendulus Bill, Congress began work on a $410 billion spending bill to cover, well, everything that wasn't in the Spendulus Bill. That's a lot of kitchen sinks.

If we give the Big 3 a bail-out, the refrain goes, they'll be back soon for more. And, considering our aversion to admitting failure, we'll give them more money, and then more. But did this idea not occur to those telling us to let Obama, Pelosi, and Reid have as much money as they wanted? After all, the Spendulus Bill was designed to spread pork and influence to Democrat constituencies for years to come; it has nothing to do with the actual functioning of the country.

It reminds me of the old repair estimate joke, that says "Well, parts and labor aren't included in that, of course."

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