Thursday, February 12, 2009

Penny for your thoughts

Ford Theater in D.C. re-opened last night, and Barack Obama was present as the keynote speaker at the (star-studded, gala) event. Teleprompters were in evidence, so he presented a lengthy speech. Obama spoke under the box where Lincoln was shot, and spoke of Lincoln's legacy, and its applicability today. It's almost like he's comparing himself, isn't it?

In a related story, I heard that the penny is being redesigned. A moment of horror passed when I learned that Lincoln will remain the president whose image graces the penny. But as long as we're speculating, what U.S. currency should bear Obama's image? Well, a couple of possibilities come to mind. With the federal printing presses and inflation cranking up, a re-introduction of the $10,000 bill will probably be required in the next few years. So that's one possibility, although I can think of another note more appropriate to Obama's visage.

Let's put his face on U.S. Treasury debt. His idolizers want his face ever-present, and what better way to make that possible than to plaster it on trillions of dollars' worth of T-Bills?

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