Sunday, February 22, 2009

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

We can now summarize a few pronouncements of the new Democrat majority in Washington.

  • A surge of troops into Afghanistan will be forthcoming. Watch for the media to studiously avoid using the term "surge."
  • Absent a major public outcry, there will be legislation and regulation proposed to re-introduce, by stealth, the Fairness (Censorship) doctrine. It was unconstitutional before, and as the First Amendment remains in effect, will continue to be unconstitutional.
  • After whining that he "inherited" a budget deficit, Obama quickly signed legislation to double that deficit, and continue the larger deficit for years to come. He also claims that he will see the deficit "cut in half" by the end of his term. In other words, he'll bring the deficit back down to the one he "inherited," and it will only take four years and cost three trillion dollars. What a magician!
Obama and Madame Clinton's new "soft power" foreign policy initiative continues to bear rotting fruit. Iran crowed that, under the new administration, America is now toothless. Now, in response to Clinton's warning not to launch any missiles, North Korea announces it will conduct test-launches "within days." This is indeed "soft," but I don't see the "power" part of the equation.

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