Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Babe In The Woods

The New York Times reports that a "secret" letter sent by Obama to Russian figurehead Medvedev offers to trade our nascent missile defense system for promises of cooperation in limiting Iran's ICBM capability. Aside from the rich irony of the NYT still publishing national secrets even when their man is in the White House, this story is quite instructive. Take the reaction of the Russian figurehead:

If the Obama administration showed “common sense” in proposing a “common shield against all types of threats” and reconsidered its plans of a missile defence system which could target Russia, Moscow would be prepared to negotiate, Medvedev said.

So you see? All you have to do is give me all I'm asking--for now--and I'll consider talking to you. Perhaps I can think of more concessions you can make. Won't that be productive?

Our naive, out-of-his-league president is being played like a fiddle.

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