Monday, February 9, 2009

This is Change, all right

The party currently occupying the White House has created a new position that reports to the White House Counsel's Office. They call the position White House Counsel Research Director, and filled the new position with Shauna Daly. As she works for the White House's official legal office, I feel it's important to summarize Ms. Daly's legal credentials and experience:

  • None

What did she do to snag a newly-created White House job or, more to the point, what will she do in this job? Interestingly, her entire career appears to have been dedicated to opposition research for political campaigns. In other words, she finds dirt, real or otherwise, for political use. Apparently Craig Livingstone was not available.

Now our tax dollars will support this part of the perpetual Obama campaign, and we can revel in the thought of this prowler in skeleton-filled closets sitting next to legal professionals in the White House who have daily access to sensitive legal and political information. But here's the main question I have: What will her business card say? I'm expecting something like "Anonymous highly-placed source within the administration." She can hand those out before she leaks the results of political dumpster-diving to salivating reporters.

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